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Dance of Qigong

Dance of Qigong is movement therapy that helps you embody your heart’s innate wisdom, shining a light on the path to where your greatest health and happiness reside.

Using effective energy techniques for releasing blocked emotions, restoring mobility and improving circulation, Dance of Qigong opens the channels for love and light to come pouring through your life.

Through dance, movement and breath work, Denise instructs you how to move your body so you can start moving your life toward your happiest, healthiest potential.

Dance of Qigong is a simple technique for releasing deeply complicated emotions.

Denise Aubin, Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) is a gifted healer who is experienced in identifying and clearing negative energy patterns that may be blocking you from the flow of true health and peace of mind.

Denise's heart-centered teachings help you to connect your body’s every point of light to your heart's truth, for lasting physical and emotional freedom.

Denise Aubin, MQT is Skilled in:

Private Medical Qigong Instruction

Freedom to move is freedom to heal

Using effective energy techniques for releasing blocked emotions, restoring mobility and improving circulation, Medical Qiqong opens the channels for love and light to come pouring through your life.

Through dance, movement and breathwork, Denise instructs you how to move your body so you can start moving your life toward your happiest, healthiest potential.

Denise teaches various release techniques and coping skills for healing physical, emotional and spiritual trauma. Combining the physiological, philosophical, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of healing, she gives you the tools to help you release trapped emotions and re-pattern negative neural programming, and shows you how to incorporate them into your everyday life.

What Clients are Saying:

“When I started my work with Denise, I was holding onto a tremendous cauldron of repressed emotion that had emerged in some very nasty and debilitating physical symptoms. It’s hard to explain, but not only was the physical movement freeing, it also drove movement in those old, hard to reach emotions. Denise was very in-tune with what was happening, and patiently, with deep care, knew what movements were appropriate to help me let these emotions surface for my own processing.

“I tried many different modalities with my physical symptoms prior to working with Denise. These included physical therapy, steroid shots, medication, NSAIDs, meditation, healing books, and various types of talk therapy. Some modalities helped temporarily, but the root cause, repressed emotion, was never really addressed, until I found Denise and her form of Qigong. Denise was skilled in holding a space of safety and universal love that allowed me to open up to something much bigger than myself.

“With Qigong, it isn't enough to just move emotions. The practitioner has to open up to a divine and open space, with the arms of a spiritual being holding a sacred space of reality and unity. Denise guided me to that reality over and over again.”

~ Dave S.

“Thank you for helping me to love myself and others more.”

~ Sandee

“After I had major surgery, the gentle, intuitive Medical Qigong Denise practices was deeply nurturing and healing for me.

~ Nancy Binzen, D.Min

“You have such a purity of spirit that it is healing just being in your presence....everything else you do is icing on the cake.”

~ Pat

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Private Medical Qigong and Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy Sessions in San Anselmo

“Health is never lost and is a deep, abiding principle of each person’s essential nature” ~ Gary Peterson

We offer a blend of modalities integrating Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy, Medical Qigong and Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organ Massage) to address your specific symptoms and issues.

Sessions are $130.00. Each session is 90 minutes.

**We can offer limited assistance in the case of financial hardship. Please contact Denise for more information**

To schedule your appointment, please call Phone Number or email me at

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Office Location

I am available to see clients for private Medical Qigong, Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy and Chi Nei Tsang healing sessions by appointment in San Anselmo, CA

Call to schedule your session
Above Dr. Dehlingers dental office in San Anselmo
160 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, San Anselmo, CA 94960

Please call me at Phone Number or email me at to schedule your private session or class.

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Private Medical Qigong Movement Instruction

I offer private Medical Qigong instruction by appointment at Between Heaven and Earth in Fairfax.

Specializing in Anxiety, Stress Reduction and Pain Management.

One-hour personalized Medical Qigong instruction for $90.00

Package of 3 one hour private one-on-one Medical Qigong instruction for $200.00

**We can offer limited assistance in the case of financial hardship. Please contact Denise for more information**

To schedule, please call Phone Number or email me at

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Medical Qigong Therapy

Medical Qigong Therapy is a hands-on energy healing practice that clears blockages within your organs and body tissues, which can be caused by unexpressed or suppressed emotions. 

I will "feel" for these blockages and purge them, allowing for the free flow of energy (qi) throughout the body, or emit qi into areas that are deficient, creating balance.

Through pure unconditional love and kindness, along with focus and intention, I can assist you in healing your body, mind and spirit.

Each hands-on session includes personalized prescription Qigong exercises to support your ongoing healing.

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Benifits of a Medical Qigong session include: 

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Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy

A tide there is, An Ocean then, Beneath the waves, There is only still, The Mother, Pure awareness,
And I remember who I am.
~ Michael Boxhall

The deepest level of healing is that of dynamic stillness. In stillness, the inherent potency of the Breath of Life (the cerebrospinal fluid, and our fundamental ordering principle, which in craniosacral therapy is known as the Breath of Life, a.k.a universal intelligence) permeates you, and healing takes place. Pains cease or diminish, fear subsides, and the body reorders. No agenda is necessary, for the Breath of Life knows where to go. As the Breath of Life flows through you, you will feel an incredible sense of well-being and peace.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a wonderful and gentle way to work with emotional trauma, anxiety, stress, and depression. Traumatic states are often overwhelming. In biodynamic craniosacral work, trauma is processed at a pace the body can handle, which helps you move gradually toward deeper levels of harmony and attunement.

Through cranial work, you will naturally become more and more resourced, grounded, and integrated, further facilitating the processing of trauma and/or the achievement of calmer and more joyful states of being.

With regular sessions, clients find the patterns of their lives changing for the better. They are more present and grounded, have increased self-confidence, and find more joy in living.

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and subtle whole body approach to the human experience. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) works with our Core, the Core of Our Being.

Physically ~ BCST influences the central nervous system; brain and spinal column, as well as the fluid that bathes it. This fluid is called the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). From our skeletal system and the bones of the cranium to the ebbing and flowing of our endocrine system, this cranial modality is effective, yet gentle.

Emotionally ~ Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can affect very deep and primary patterns, while providing the client with resource and space to explore their emotional landscape. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy provides a deep sense of resourcing within the client. This resourcing provides a safe container for emotional issues to resolve.

Spiritually ~ Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can open doors to both our hearts and soul, profoundly changing our lives.

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Chi Nei Tsang

The Chi Nei Tsang practitioner works directly with the abdominal organs to assess imbalances, release toxins and unprocessed emotional energy and restore well-being to the body. Chi Nei Tsang is a safe and effective means for releasing the energies in the internal organs.

Working with the abdomen

In many traditions, the abdomen is regarded as a personal power center. The abdomen is where our bodies first received nourishment and eliminated toxins while we were in the womb and where energy continues to concentrate as adults. In our daily lives, all of our emotional energies dwell in our abdominal organs. If we don’t take time to release these energies, they accumulate and manifest in our bodies as dis-ease.

When you lie down on the table to receive a Chi Nei Tsang session, you may actually be able to feel the shifts taking place in your body. All your systems, including muscular, skeletal, endocrine, respiratory and reproductive, respond to the treatment and come away altered. As you bring your breath to the areas being worked on, you participate in your own healing and strengthening of all these areas.

The organs in your abdomen influence your whole body. What occurs there shows up in your feet, spine, head and neck. A Chi Nei Tsang session gives your body an opportunity to release to stuck energy from the internal organs so that your entire being can function optimally.

Chi Nei Tsang can be seen as a form of gardening for the inner landscape. Together we weed out the old beliefs and patterns so you can blossom into your naturally healthy state of being.

Detoxification: A Chi Nei Tsang session stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, helping your body to rid itself of toxins and impurities. It also stimulates the immune system, boosting your resistance to disease.

Lessening or eliminating a range of symptoms: Chi Nei Tsang sessions may help relieve many physical symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression, digestive and bowel problems.

Emotional flow: Pain sometimes appears in the body because the mind cannot process it.

Each organ is responsible for managing different emotional energies. For example, worry and anxiety are managed by the stomach, spleen and pancreas. If you have been experiencing stomach pains, and know that you experience a lot of stress in your life, those pains may be your body’s request for healing. Unprocessed emotional pain has been proven to cause disease. Chi Nei Tsang can help release it.

In addition to relieving physical symptoms, when we release emotions, we feel a sense of lightness and dynamic flow throughout our bodies. We enjoy greater mental clarity, and feel more ease in moving toward being the person we want to be. By clearing compacted energy, Chi Nei Tsang delivers new perspectives and attitudes that can lead your life in new directions.

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