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[Dreaming Together]

Dreaming Together with Qigong & Guided Visualization

Please join Richard and Denise Aubin for a day of Qigong, relaxation/guided visualization into the trance/dream state, journaling, and learning how to dream together.

Learn how to dream together. Before Dreaming can begin you must learn to relax. "Relax on a Dime, Anywhere, Anytime!" It takes practice.

As preparation for entering the trance/dream state, we will drop into our bodies through gentle Qigong movements to begin relaxing and harmonizing breath, body and mind. Moving our bodies with Qigong calms the spirit and allows us to drop into inner states of stillness within the movements. Once we arrive and drop into this state of relaxation, we can come into the present moment where we can begin the process of dreaming together.

Hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind to allow you to enter that pleasant state of relaxed, concentrated awareness. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis in a new way to explore positive ideas and find ways to cope with challenges in life. Hypnotherapy can help you to find the events and situations where bad habits and bad reactions start. Even sleepless nights can become a thing of the past. Seek health and happiness in a process where the client always remains in control. It's pleasant, rapid, and trains the brain to discover inner peace.

When: Sunday, May 21st, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Where: The Imagine Center, 1924 Fourth Street, San Rafael

Cost: $60.00

To Sign Up:

Send a check to: Rich Aubin, P0 Box 160, Kentfield, CA 94914

Call us at: 415-870-1119

Register on our web site at: www.thehiphypnotherapist.com

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